Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fiction Character Come to Life

When fiction writers create a character, they usually have a real person in mind on which the character is based. Or perhaps a composite of people. Appearance, attitude, mannerisms.

On Sunday afternoon, Donna-Lane got to "meet" the heroine of her more recent novels -- Annie. Or at least someone who looks very much as D-L pictured Annie in her mind: striking red hair in curls, some with a mind of their own ... and a spirited, outgoing personality.
The fictional Annie is the lead character in Murder in Caleb's Landing, Murder in Argeles, Murder in Geneva, and the most recently published Murder in Paris. By the way, Murder in Paris is available in hardcover and as an Amazon Kindle download.

Here's the direct link to order the Kindle edition of Murder in Paris:

Here's a link to D-L's website with descriptions of all eight of her novels:
We came across "Annie" at L'Escalade celebration in Geneva. She was giving out "free hugs" and clearly having a wonderful time perking up people's spirits.
D-L explained to her about Annie's role in the novels and, of course, that prompted another hug.

Now we'll have to keep an eye out for Roger, Annie's fiancee. Or perhaps her former lover, Luca, who invites her to Paris ... where Annie ends up in the middle of three murders ...

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