Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night ...

... Suddenly a shot rang out ... A woman screamed ...

So begins the classic novel, as written by the world-famous wannabee author, Snoopy, banging away on his manual typewriter atop his doghouse, which sometimes doubles as a virtual Sopwith Camel WWI aeroplane.

And so I've started to take the plunge, again, as a wannabe novelist.

With the encouragement of the accomplished murder mystery author, D-L Nelson (www.donnalanenelson.com), I have started to craft a novel incorporating some of the things I think I know about - particularly golf and aviation - and a few of the places I've been like Montreal, and maybe a couple we'd like to visit for research such as Edinburgh, Scotland.

Have written more than 2,000 words thus far. Only 70,000 or so to go. But not on my classic Royal manual typewriter, the kind I used when I started my writing career as a sportswriter on the now-defunct Binghamton Sun-Bulletin. It has no spell check or find/replace function for when I change a character's name and want to make sure I change it throughout the manuscript.

Years ago, more than 20, I got about a third of the way through a very different novel. Even got positive feedback from Dr. Samuel Hynes, then head of the English department at Princeton University and father-in-law to my good friend in the UK, Anthony GM Preston. Dr. Hynes compared my style to EL Doctorow, best-selling author of Billy Bathgate and other novels which I had not heard of until his comment. Was writing that one on an Apple IIe, so you can tell how long ago that was.

Now my inspiration has shifted from EL to D-L, and I've got a feeling I'll actually finish this one. Unlike 20-odd years ago, if I cannot convince a publisher to print it, Kindle self-publishing is always an option. But it would be very satisfying if a publisher thought it worthy of spending their money to print a few hardcover copies.

Tomorrow, New Year's Day, I'm going to take a plunge of another kind: http://www.anglophone-direct.com/New-Year-s-Day. My video to come.

Right now, it's time to party!

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