Sunday, December 1, 2013

Okay, I admit it ...

HB and HH having fun with a Swiss friend in Geneva
... I can be mischievous.

I probably should be monitored constantly.

When D-L and J went downtown for a few hours, I was (sort of) working. But when I went downstairs to get something to eat, I realized that the quartet of animals - Petite Cougar (PC), Lady Leopard (LL), Hunny Bunny (HB), and Herr Hare (HH) - were still where we'd left them the evening before.

The little critters have a habit of 'mysteriously' changing positions and finding new hiding places. The other day, Donna-Lane nearly choked when she unexpectedly spotted the bunnies on the bulletin board, upside down ... as she was starting to drink some water (and it went down the wrong pipe).
Well, by the time I'd eaten my turkey leftovers, cranberry relish, and some of the delicious grain bread from Manor's bakery, I was the one who was stuffed ... and the furry friends were out of sight. Or at least they weren't in the attic bedroom (they especially like the bed warmer), which was the only place they'd been all week.

You can pick up the narrative on J's blog and D-L's blog: 

We've not spent quite as much time playing H&S with these 'pets' as we spend on Facebook and Twitter, but it is a creative challenge to come up with new hiding places. (My favorite is still the 'swing.')

If you want to catch up with recent adventures of PC, LL, HB and HH, here are some links:

By the way, I learned today why HB and HH have not surprised us with any little(r) bunnies. But they asked me to keep it a secret from D-L and J for the time being.

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