Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shutdown Day

What a pleasant, peaceful day. Did not turn on the computer. Did not check emails. Did not scroll through Facebook. No tweets. No news sites. No Skype.

Okay, did fire up the Toshiba - but only to play some soulful Kenny G as background music.

After D-L taught me how to make poached eggs (hadn't had one, I don't think, since my mother made them when I was a kid), we cranked up Barbara's facsimile of a car and rolled up to Perpignan to talk with Patrice about Perspectives. Then we had a leisurely lunch at Cafe Vienne, including liver - which I also had not eaten since the one time my mother tricked me into eating it (when I thought she was feeding me another piece of cube steak).

One of the highlights of the day was walking to the florist - the one at the corner with Argeles-sur-mer's lone traffic light - and buying our Christmas tree (an authentic tree, not a 'perfect' plastic pre-lighted imitation).

The other highlight was spending the entire day with Donna-Lane (she didn't turn her computer on either) ... talking, cuddling, talking, watching a couple episodes of Downton  Abbey while eating some of the Redenbacher's Cheddar Popcorn J gave us for Christmas, talking, reading in bed (while wearing silly holiday hats - no, there are no photos), feeding each other chocolate, talking ...

Sometimes, you just need to take a day for yourself ...

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