Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Computers and candles

Our neighbor, an electrician, is planning to do some work on a few minor lighting issues in the Warren, so we’ve lost lights, heat, and … horrors, WiFi … for a few minutes.

Still have plenty of battery on the laptop, so we fired up a couple of candles to see the keyboards.

Very cozy.

Wishing we had the option of throwing a couple logs into a woodstove like J & R had fired up Sunday. In fact, it gives off so much heat that R had to insert several bricks in the stove to absorb some of the heat so people sitting in the living room wouldn't be driven out.

Probably too awkward to install a woodstove in the Warren because the pipes would have to be mounted on the three-story outside wall ... and the neighbor owns two of the stories!
Might look around the pottery stores or flea markets for a chimea outdoor fireplace for the patio, though.

BTW, we picked up our "new" car today. The parking karma seemed to be working - we needed two spaces, and two cars pulled out from the library lot as we entered ... unfortunately, they were both illegally parked, so we ended up by the river.

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