Thursday, January 9, 2014

Deals on wheels

Donna-Lane is quite proud that she does not own a car. She rides in cars, very occasionally drives a car, and even buys cars for other people to own. But she does not 'own' a car in her name. Nor will she 'own' the car on which she made a downpayment today. It will be owned by the business, of which she is Directeur-General.

The Citroen which D-L acquired for B a few years back and which we sometimes use for short trips to the Industrial Zone or Perpignan is literally falling apart. The driver's door keyhole is so loose it may fall off if we hit a good bump, and the passenger door lock is always a wildcard as to whether it will slide open - we could be climbing in through the hatchback anytime soon. The inside handle on the driver's door is not as loose as it was before I super-glued it, but it still might rip apart with a decent yank. We recently replaced the locking gas cap because vandals damaged the lock with a screwdriver. And I won't begin to try to describe the exterior with its mismatched colors and missing trim. Also, the steering handles like a tank. Amazingly, the engine seems in excellent shape.

The 'new' car is a 14-year-old Peugeot 206. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Only driven by a little old schoolteacher on her daily commute. Buying it from a trusted man who runs a garage, so confident in la voiture's reliability.

We may have one of our artist friends paint a mural on the side with the name of the business. Guess that would make it an advertising vehicle.

Just don't call it D-L's car. She's liable to hit you with her cane (

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