Friday, January 31, 2014


When I was a kid - young in years, that is, because I still feel like a kid in many ways - I didn't know the term 'question mark.' For the longest time, I called it the "huh mark."

I still get that feeling a lot when I read about events around the world and the attitudes of leaders and followers who you would think would be more civilized and reasoned by now after centuries of human life on earth.

I just shake my head sometimes and ask, "Huh?"

You know the major issues as well as I: a few people on the planet hoarding most of the wealth (for what, bigger yachts? fancier coffins when they die and cannot take it with them?) while many, many people live in abject poverty and getting worse; policemen-of-the-world indiscriminately dropping bombs on children, women and men, controlling drones from a cozy chair in a darkened room in Nevada; military and civil government hackers spying on every American with a Twitter or Facebook account, including those little 8-year-old 'terrorists' on the schoolbus on the way to their suburban elementary school; millionaire politicians feeding daily at the lobbyists' pig trough, pursuing only their own re-election and posh perks (what constituents? I have constituents?); I could go on for days ...

I'm not a Robin Hood re-distributionist, advocating arbitrarily taking from the rich to give to the poor. I AM for opportunity and reaping the rewards of hard work ... and a level playing field. Now, with mega-corporations like GE using loopholes to pay no taxes, Wall Street and failed car companies being bailed out with yours and my taxpayer money, insidious proposals such as the TPP which will give business legal power over governments - the field artificially tilts 99% of the money into the pockets of the already mega-rich while the rest of us struggle to get by day-by-day. 

I tend to see two root causes for most of what ails mankind - greed and power - and the two go bloodstained hand-in-hand.

I fear that "the people," you and me, have almost completely lost any semblance of control or ability to significantly change anything. "We can still vote," you say? Take a look at the politicians at the highest levels in America (or the UK, France, and other allegedly democratic nations) - at best, there are a handful of bright lights. But they are not nearly enough in number to effect serious change. By and large, the politicians are all of the same cloth. And that cloth is bought and paid for by corporations who control the world banking system, the healthcare systems, the pharmaceutical companies, the food supply, transportation, the military - in short, pretty much everything about the lives of you and me.

I am not young. In a few years, who knows how many, I won't need to fret about the direction of my country and the world much longer. But I do worry for the world my child and grandchildren will live in. And even if I cannot change much, I still intend to try where I can.

Question authority. Question yourself. Question everything. Huh?

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