Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Taking the plunge ...

Yeah, it sounded a bit crazy. Go swimming on New Year's Day? Okay, we're in the south of France, but it's not exactly the tropics this time of year. In fact, it was 2 degrees Centigrade (35.6 Fahrenheit) outside when we left the Warren to head for Argeles Plage.

Then again, why not? What's the worst that could happen? Get sick and lie in bed for a week reading? Lose a toe or two to frostbite (I could probably spare them). Get sucked out to sea by an undertow and end up in Casablanca?

Before the official start of the annual premier bain de l’année (first dip of the year), a tradition in this millenia-old village that dates all the way back to 2011, I walked down and dipped my toes in the water just to see how cold it was. claimed the Med was 13 °C (55F), which meant the water should have felt quite a bit warmer than the air. It wasn't. If anything, it felt colder. Surfers were advised to wear a wetsuit, gloves and boots. I was going to take the plunge nearly naked.

But it was way too late to back out. My daughter wanted video proof. Donna-Lane was filming. P, P & H had walked down from the village in support of me and about 60 or 70 other hardy fools. There were at least 200 spectators to cheer us in.

So here's the video proof:

D-L said if the video didn't turn out okay, I could re-enact the New Year's swim next year.

Don't think so. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

BTW, her perspective on the topic can be found here:

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