Sunday, January 26, 2014

Whole Lotta Butt-Sniffin Going On

Stumbled upon an announcement in the Pyrenees-Orientales anglophone publication, P-O Life -, that there was a dog show being staged in Perpignan this weekend. "Shall we go?" D-L readily agreed. She's almost always up for an adventure, so long as it's not life-threatening dangerous.

The organizers advertised over 1500 chiens were registered to primp and prance, representing more than 167 breeds. We had slight hopes of seeing a "Pomsky," a Pomeranian-Husky mix that someone had posted on FB recently, or at least a Japanese Chin like Donna-Lane used to have.

No luck with the pom or chin, but did see a variety of poodles, all considerably larger than my teacup-size Kissie or Truffles.

And there were some enormous animals, large enough for D-L to ride, even larger than Saint Bernards.
The event reminded me somewhat of the weekend-long high school wrestling tournaments we used to attend with my daughter. Instead of animals running in circles, it was wrestlers of different sizes and weights rolling around a mat - but in both cases, observed by a judge, who was supported by a scorekeeper at a table (my daughter was one of the scorekeepers). And like the dog show, wrestling was a family affair - parents, friends, infants all there to cheer for the one in the arena who had trained for weeks, or years, to reach peak performance. Some of the dog owners even had "team jackets." Also like the wrestling, the dog show structure featured preliminary contests - there were at least 20 different roped off judging areas spread across two buildings - followed by finals competitions in the red-carpeted rings.

It may not have been the Westminster Kennel Club, though I'm sure some of the dog handlers have aspirations to present there someday (or perhaps some already have). But it was every bit a love affair with dogs.

For her version of the day's fun, check out D-L's blog:

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