Friday, February 14, 2014

Fear of ...

The Cowardly Lion had wiccaphobia: fear of witches.

We're almost all aware of the term claustrophobia - the fear of confined spaces. And arachnophobia - fear of spiders. Some even know the term xenophobia - fear of strangers or foreigners.

I have long had an aversion to bugs - entomophobia. Cannot stand crawly bugs like ants (myrmecophobia) and cockroaches (katsaridaphobia), and definitely don't like flying bugs such as wasps (spheksophobia). My current bane is moths (mottephobia). As a consequence, I have become a world-class bug killer, and once I've swatted one or two of the pesky critters their friends tend to get the message and leave me alone.

Until I got together with Donna-Lane, I had lachanophobia - fear of vegetables - but now eat them every day. However, I still have a bit of an aversion to mushrooms (mycophobia), unless they're finely chopped up. 

I also have an "abnormal dislike for politicians," politicophobia, though it's probably more accurately tyrannophobia, fear of tyrants, which many politicians have become as money has taken over their judgment.

Many people have atychiphobia - fear of failure. When you get to my age, you may suffer from gerascophobia - fear of growing old.

I feel genuinely sorry for people who have bibliophobia - fear of books. They miss the pure joy of reading.
And for anyone with allodoxaphobia - fear of opinions - because, as you know, I am not afraid to express mine.

A few of my friends in Texas have chionophobia - fear of snow.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of phobias. A few of my favorites:

Omphalophobia - fear of belly buttons.
Lutraphobia - fear of otters.  (I have a friend whose call sign is 'Otter' - wonder what the term is for fear of flying upside down, which is what he does for a living.)
Arachibutyrophobia - fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

And there are the number-phobics:
Paraskavedekatriaphobia - fear of Friday the 13th. 

Or what may be the longest spelling of a phobia: 
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - fear of the number 666.
Which could be a problem for someone with sesquipedalophobia - fear of long words.

Then there's the all-encompassing panophobia - fear of everything. Or even phobophobia - fear of phobias.
What triggered this blog theme was finding a magazine in the freezer.

You read that right. 

I was scrounging for something to eat, opened the freezer door, and discovered a magazine in cold storage. On the counter was a package of ham. I figured D-L had meant the ham for the freezer and the magazine for the counter.

Not necessarily.

She intentionally put the magazine in the freezer.

You read that right.

Why? Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes. You see, the magazine had a photo of a snake, and D-L was hiding it from her sight by stashing the magazine in with the ice cubes and ice cream.

I have now 'slain' the snake - ripped the offending page of the magazine into tiny shreds (AND put it outside the door in the recycle bin).

Some other time I'll tell you about her pediophobia.

BTW, she's aware that I'm writing this blog, so she's writing her own pre-emptive spin at:

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