Monday, February 3, 2014

One and a Book?

I think the French may have invented three-hour lunches. During the middle of the day, almost all of the shops - the bakery, the butcher, the green grocers, etc. - close down. Which is nice because they get to spend time with their families. This is not a 24/7 all-about-convenience society; it's far more pragmatic. The shops are open early in the morning, so people can buy what they need for lunch, and they re-open by mid-afternoon so you can get what you need for dinner and the next day's breakfast. If you don't stock up on a lot of things, and we don't, most of what you eat is quite fresh (and healthier).

There can be a downside, like today when I slept in after a long night of writing and not-so-Super Bowl watching, and didn't pick up anything for lunch. And what little provisions I have are not necessarily what I want to eat.

That's when the cafes come in handy. Because they are open during midday.

When D-L was on her own, before I showed up in her very pleasant life, she would regularly go to La Noisette or La Bartavelle, where the hostess might inquire, "One and a Book?" because Donna-Lane is rarely without reading material. (Now it might be more appropriately, "One and a Kindle?")

So, lacking anything in the Warren that I want to eat, I'm going to find something to read - maybe Love and War in the Pyrenees, an account of this area during WWII - then find a quiet corner table with good light.

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