Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Red Blanket

In many respects, our red blanket is a symbol of the relationship between Donna-Lane and me.

It represents warmth, in that D-L often wraps up in the blanket while sitting on the couch, simultaneously working on writing projects, staying in touch with friends, keeping track of world events, and playing computer games. Sometimes when we're watching a DVD, I'll snuggle under the blanket with her.

It represents our playfulness. When we make the bed in the morning, the red blanket can take on many geometric shapes -- a triangle, a letter such as O or S, a question mark, a heart ...

It represents the small-village lifestyle of the twice-weekly marche where we bought it from one of the regular vendors. D-L spied the blanket one day, and we hesitated in case we came across something better. The next marche she snapped it up, lest someone else buy it and we'd have to settle for a different color that didn't match the rest of our decor. She's definitely a bird-in-the-hand type. With a strong preference for color coordination.

Red is a predominant theme in the Warren. The draperies in the master bedroom, along with the rugs on the side of the bed and a multi-shade painting. The red terry-cloth bedsheet that is much cozier than cotton. The red-and-white checked tablecloth. The red tiles that serve as hot plates. The red cloth napkins, which are washable and save trees by not using so much disposable paper. The scarf D-L bought me for Christmas. The watch I bought her for Valentine's. Her birthstone and the ruby necklace she wears always. The poinsettia the landlady gave us for the holidays. Red and navy stripes on the clic-clac in the den. Shades of red in the large den rug. The sheer red fabric backing the shelves behind my desk. One of my favorite shirts. And the new red curtains B is making for the patio doors, which will reduce our heat costs during cooler months.

Red items to be washed now go in a separate mesh bag so we don't inadvertently launder them with other colors (as we've been known to do).

Of course, "red is the color of my true love's hair," though not quite the shade of the blanket and not necessarily my love's true color. And the one 'secret' between us - I've never been allowed to watch the process by which the redhead is perpetuated. I'm told it's not pretty.

The red blanket cost us 10 euros, but it's a priceless reminder of many pleasant aspects of our life.

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