Thursday, March 27, 2014

I got pampered by two lovely women

I went in for a haircut and ended up with a spa treatment.

For the past couple of years, the only one who has trimmed my hair is Sonya at The Boardroom: She is a fantastic barber, though I first sought her out as I was trying to learn how to take care of my new beard.

Today we hooked up at the Plano Legacy salon, where in times past I've played a little billiards, had a beer, and generally talked with the bevy of women there about D-L and life in France and Switzerland.

After she'd cut my hair and was prepping for the shampoo, Sonya asked if I was in a hurry, and since I was not, I became the subject of a training session for Toni.

First, I got the paraffin wax treatment on my hands. Then a scalp massage. Actually a couple of scalp and neck massages, first by Sonya to demonstrate, then by Toni while Sonya observed and coached. Then about four facial massages - trainer, trainee, trainer reinforcing the proper technique, trainee. My temples never felt so good.

After that, the hot towel over the face. With a bit of eucalyptus scent under my nose. (No, I did not shave off my mustache; didn't take any photos so I grabbed a generic off the web.)

Finally, the mittens came off and they each massaged down an arm, followed by my hands, complete with cracking knuckles. Sonya even knew where to massage for a golfer's unique palm pain; I'm impressed.

I could definitely get used to this.

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