Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rock stars

'Spiderman' Sawyer
'I can do it' Georgia
Gonna be sore tomorrow.

Went rock climbing with the grandkids. Originally had only planned to shoot video of them. But when we got there, realized I had not brought my video camera. Only had the cell phone camera.

Decided, what the heck. Give it a try. I'm only four weeks shy of 63. What's the worst that could happen?

After Sawyer and Bryan were trained on how to attach the harness and ropes, and work the ropes to keep them taut so the climber doesn't fall, we headed for the pseudo-rock walls, which featured plastic 'rocks' of various shapes and colors, including color-coded 'trails' which presumably showed easier or harder routes to the top of the approximately 40-foot climb.

Sawyer scampered to the top the first try as if he'd done this numerous times, though this was his inaugural trip. Guess his reputation at school as 'Spiderman' is deserved.
Not my stunt double
And, yes, I climbed to the top as well and rang the bell ... a couple of times. But the final time, using the 'automatic' rope, I tried to grab a large 'stone' which turned out to be slippery with no handhold, and when I lost my footing, the rope released. As I descended somewhat rapidly, I banged my shin against one of the protruding pieces of plastic, and discovered when we got home that I'd broken the skin.

Guess that answers the 'what can go wrong?' question.

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