Friday, March 7, 2014

Where shall we go?

Donna-Lane and I like to travel, see new places, meet new people, check out the history and local culture. And, of course, the food!

We've decided to try 'house-sitting.' Pretty simple concept - someone needs a reliable person or couple to watch their house for a few days (or a few weeks), and quite often their dogs and cats, maybe water the plants.

For us, it's a way to visit someplace where we'd like to spend some time, but without the hotel expense.

As writers, we can work anywhere in the world. All we need is decent internet and mobile phone connections.

An added bonus is that the places we visit become research venues for Donna-Lane's next novel ... or the novel after that.

If I'm lucky, the house-sitting location will coincide with the location of a conference or a company or government official I might interview for a magazine article.

So after talking about the idea for weeks, we took the plunge today and signed up to be housesitters. We're willing to go just about anywhere in Europe, but we're especially targeting Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Dublin, London, Vienna, Rome ...

We also listed our apartment in Argeles-sur-mer as someplace another couple or person (or even family) might want to Warren-sit for us.  I posted our listing for "South of France, quaint village, huge beach, mountains" less than two hours ago ... and we already have 28 messages from people wanting to stay in our place!

Perhaps I wrote the message about our place too well?

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