Sunday, April 27, 2014


Donna-Lane and I have adventurous spirits. Yes, we regularly head for predetermined destinations and scheduled events. But just as often, we throw away Plan A and wander off on Plan B, C, or Z with no agenda nor timetable.

Almost always, we discover wonderful things we might never have experienced otherwise.

Today, after a little chocolate and wine tasting and an excellent leg of lamb lunch in the village of Maury, we opted for an alternate route back. Barbara and Don were willing.

I didn't realize that what I joked would be "the scenic route" turned out to offer spectacular views of jagged mountains, rock-on-rock formations, constantly twisting roads, an ancient Roman viaduct, tiny villages tucked into the hillsides, rippling mountain streams at the bottom of the steep valleys, and finally a breathtaking panorama stretching from the dominating mountain of the region, Canigou, to eerie limestone formations, to familiar mountains (including the watchtower-topped Massane) cascading down to the shore of the Med.

We skipped - for now - other places I want to go back and see when we have more time: a Cathar fortress and a couple of gorges which I understand are quite spectacular.

Work can wait. Sleep can be caught up. Go ahead and explore the world around you. You may be surprised how interesting it can be.

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  1. I love taking these little spontaneous detours. You certainly get to discover the most amazing things and it sounds like you're in an ideal spot in the world to do so. Mind you, I find that mostly everywhere is an ideal spot to do this. It's just that people don't look. The sound of the Roman viaduct is amazing. Envious dot com...