Thursday, April 3, 2014

View from the 14th Floor

After nearly five non-stop days, finally a chill break. I've been in Orlando for the WATS airline training conference.

I'm ready to go home to Argeles-sur-mer ... and to D-L.

The first two days were 'rough.' Played golf in perfect weather at two different courses. On Monday, our group managed to bypass the 6-foot alligator on the 13th hole, and we ended up winning the tournament. I was a hack on the front nine but got in a pretty good groove on the back nine.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I basically attended conference sessions, took copious notes, and wrote articles on the presos for Halldale Media's online show daily reports. Halldale is the organizer of WATS and other airline training events around the world, and this was their 17th WATS and 50th event overall in their history. I've probably attended most of the WATS events. Had breakfast with some longtime friends/colleagues, and filet mignon last night with Andy, Chris, and Peter of Halldale.

This morning there was an excellent panel discussion and Q&A on various flight simulator technology topics. Then I met with the leader of an aviation organization on whose advisory board I serve; got an in-depth update on the org's activities, which are pretty exciting and about which I will be writing soon.

Along the way managed to connect with quite a few friends from my 30 years in the aviation training business, as well as several new connections.

Halldale was nice enough to put me on the top floor of the Shingle Creek resort, and I'm looking forward to watching the sun come up in the morning over the golf course and pool before I head for the airport. I suspect I'll sleep most of the way across the ocean.

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