Friday, May 16, 2014

Are You Listening?

Donna-Lane says I sometimes don't listen to her. She's right.

I have a marvelous ability to totally focus on one thing, which is great when I'm writing a feature article or playing a golf tournament. Athletes call it being "in the zone."

Problem is, sometimes my mind is focused on another zone when D-L is telling me something. I may hear her words, but they don't always penetrate my brain.

I also have a tendency that, if I don't expect to use certain information right away, I subconsciously defer that info (ie, forget it), figuring I can find out what I need closer to the time I need it. So for example, when we're in the car on the way to who knows where, and I ask her where we're supposed to be going, and she's a bit incredulous because she told me three times previously.

In my defence, those three previous times may have been the day before (I've slept since then, not good for retention) or a few days or even weeks before (the deferral thing). Her psyche about planning is the polar opposite of mine: she wants to get things done as soon as possible - train tickets, hotel reservations - whereas I tend to be more a just-in-time planner.

I could always default to the hearing-aid defence. My hearing is impaired in one ear. And sometimes the battery goes dead. But that wouldn't be fair; sometimes I simply don't listen well.

She does pretty good making sure she talks into my 'good ear,' and when we're walking together I try to make sure she's on my right side. But if my mind is back in the office on a project I've been working on, she could stick a megaphone against my earlobe and what she says probably won't register.

Once in a great while it works the other way. Like yesterday when I talked with her about scheduling something for today. Don't know if she heard me or not - she's been very zoned to publish the week's CUNewswire - so today when I reminded her about the proposed event, other circumstances had already superseded it.

By the way, she has blogged about the same topic, but I have no idea what she wrote (either she didn't tell me or I didn't listen, not sure which). We can all read it at

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  1. I am told this all the time! That I don't listen. You sound just like me and I too have hearing loss. True! Best blog post ever!