Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Giddyup in Geneva

I love my 'ropers.' If you're from Texas, you know those are simple cowboy boots. Nothing fancy. No exotic ostrich or alligator skin. Rounded toes, not pointy. But when I first moved to Dallas 20 years ago, a guy told me the ropers would be the most comfortable thing I'd ever wear on my feet, and he was right. Ever since, I've had at least two pair of Justin ropers, and I wore them so much I'd go through the soles in about 6-8 months.

Before I moved to Europe, I 'stocked up' on ropers, since I'm never quite sure when I'll get back through Texas to buy a new pair. But with our laid-back, un-corporate lifestyle, I also don't wear them too often, so the ropers I now have will likely last at least a couple years or more.

If I should need an 'emergency' pair of ropers, I now know I can buy them in downtown Geneva, Switzerland at "Cowboy Kurt's" western wear store, which I stumbled across today while searching for the American Diner and store.

Cowboy boots, hats, shirts, jeans, belt buckles, and country/western music in sophisticated, international Geneva? I would have expected, at best, a little hole in the wall store, not much more than a front for internet ordering. But this place was large and every inch stuffed with American southwest paraphernalia.

A bit pricey, as you'd expect in Geneva, one of the most expensive cities in the world. The cheapest pair of ropers (not Justin) were nearly 400 Swiss francs (about US$450), whereas I pay a little over US$100 per pair in Dallas.

There must be a clientele in Geneva for cowboy kitsch, though, because Kurt's been in business for 25 years.

Right next door is the 50's style American diner, which I've blogged about previously, as has Donna-Lane: http://theexpatwriter.blogspot.ch/2013/11/time-and-place-warp.html.

I picked up molasses for D-L, some Hellman's lite mayo for a friend, and a package of original Chewy Chips Ahoy to fuel my late-night writing sessions. Oh, and three cans of A&W root beer - wonder if we can do our own frosty mugs?

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