Monday, May 26, 2014

Glasses Safari

I looked high and I looked low;

Where or where did those glasses go?

I looked in the drawers and under the bed;

Aha, found a pair! Alas, they were red.

I pulled back the bedcovers and what did I see?

A paperback novel that was sleeping with me.

I checked out the upstairs, the downstairs, the stair-stairs;

I scoured the car seats and pawed at the stuffed bears.

I searched through the closets, the linens, and books;

(Some good things to read there, or so it looks).

There, there's another pair! And, yes, they are black;

Unfortunately it's not those, the pair that you lack.

I found sunglasses, two pair, and two pair of mine.

We do this a lot, I was wont to opine.

I redoubled my efforts, looking hither, gazing yon.

I checked in the compost, and the fence it hung on.

I dug through your suitcase, once neatly folded;

(Nice undies, I thought) for which I'll be scolded.

Winter garden, laundry, shower, and frigo -

Did they grow legs and walk? And where would they go?

Watching this spectacle with growing concern,

Lady Leopard suggested I look in Lucerne.

(Hey, it rhymes.) (And it's Swiss.)

You might have expected a grand happy ending,

Something so lyrical, like music crescending.

You'd be wrong.

On this glasses safari, I failed in my quest;

And I know to you writers, this poem's not the best.

So it's back to the keyboard, to news and to features;

I've given up (for now) on finding those creatures.

When D-L comes home, we won't be surprised

If we see the black glasses in front of her eyes.

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