Thursday, May 8, 2014

Grocery store willpower

To me, there are two purposes to grocery shopping: (1) to buy the things I need to eat between then and the next time I can get to the store, and (2) to test my willpower regarding things I like to eat but maybe don't need.

This afternoon, on the way home from a lovely lunch at a friend's home, Donna-Lane and I stopped at Manor, a combination grocery, pharmacy, and mini-department store.

By the time I searched in vain in the pharmacy for a razor and navigated the aisles to find D-L, she had collected everything she wanted and was ready to check out.

She's definitely a git-and-run shopper.

Not me.

I'm more of a look-at-everything-just-in-case-I-see-something-I'd-like-but-forgot-to-put-on-my-list shopper.

For example, I like to swing by the ice cream freezer. After checking all the brands and flavors offered, I'll settle on one of them. Then I'll walk away, telling myself I don't really need ice cream, and even if I do change my mind, I want to grab the ice cream last so it doesn't melt while I'm dawdling around the store checking out other things.

I'll do much the same with the cookie aisle. The other day, at the American store, which has only two short aisles of imported goods, the cookie display had several varieties of Chewy Chips Ahoy, but in flavors I've never tried. Had they offered the regular ones, the kind I've often shared with my grandkiddos, I'd have grabbed them in a heartbeat. But I passed, and as well skipped the Oreos, which only offered mint filling. However, after scanning all the goods on both aisles, I doubled back for one more "make sure I didn't miss something" look.

Same with potato chips. Check out the flavors. Nothing that excites me, but maybe one or two flavors I could live with. Look at the price. Nope, don't need chips.

I suppose I could not walk by the ice cream, the cookies, and the chips at all - that's a form of willpower in itself. But I like to challenge the temptation. If I resist, I feel the stronger for it. If I give in and buy the treats ... they still taste really, really good.

To compare what D-L and I tend to buy, check out her blog:

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