Friday, May 23, 2014

The Laundry Saga, Part II, or No, I Don't Have Your Pants

Our laundry balls look like this but are blue.  
Before you read this blog, please read Part I at J's blog:

No, I don't have J's pants, or as she calls them, 'trousers.'

When I returned from the EBACE business aviation conference and the grocery store, I went down to the basement to put some items away in the backup refrigerator in the bomb shelter (the shelter's another story altogether - maybe D-L or J have blogged it at some point.) I noticed in the adjacent laundry room that the dryer was on '0' indicating a load of clothes was done. D-L was still home, getting ready to go to meet a friend for dinner. She was surprised when I told her the dryer was done; she didn't think it had been long enough.

So after I walked her up to the bus stop and returned to the house, I checked the clothes in the dryer. Not quite dry. So I re-started it. Then went up to the attic bedroom to take a nap - the 4-day conference was pretty tiring for someone who's most strenuous activity tends to be a walk to the beach and back or a stroll around the village in Argeles-sur-mer.

After the nap, and a little post-nap nap, I moseyed down to the basement to retrieve the dried clothes. There were a few other clothes, which I assumed were yet to be washed, in the plastic laundry basket, so I dumped them on the floor and used the basket to transport the just-dried ones upstairs. I folded the clothes in the basket and started putting them on D-L's bed when I remembered J told me a few days ago that they dump them on the guest room bed and grab from there.

There was already a pile of clothes on the guest bed. And a lot of little bits of paper. One of us had left some paper in a pocket, and the paper got washed and shredded. (Wonder who that could have been?)

I picked the bits of  paper off the bed and off the clothes, folding the ladies' stuff and taking my stuff upstairs, eventually to find its way into the closet.

Took the laundry basket back down to the basement and set it next the small pile of 'dirty' clothes.

For Part  III, you're going to need to read D-L's blog when she posts it:

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