Monday, May 5, 2014

Waking Up in Unfamiliar Places

Much as I love Geneva, it always takes me a couple days to get acclimated. Sort of like when you travel on business a lot, and it takes a few minutes as you start to wake up and realize what hotel in what city you're in that day.

Here, for example, I have to remember - and usually forget at least once - not to rise up out of bed too quickly ... because the top-floor ceiling is slanted and very, very low, and I'm sure to crack my head.

I should have remembered that the climate in Switzerland is still cool in May, and perhaps I should not have stored my bomber jacket in the closet in the Nest (in Argeles, about 700 kilometres away).

I need to munch any snacks sparingly, even healthy snacks like carrots and celery, because there's no green grocer within easy walking distance.

I also should try to remember to keep some Swiss francs in my wallet because they don't use Euros here. I also have to mentally calculate that the prices I see are not necessarily higher just because the numbers are bigger - there are about 1.2 Swiss francs to a Euro (about 1.4 US dollars to a Euro). Ie, the flowers I bought for 15 francs would have been about 12 Euros or 17 USD.

On the other hand, the lake is less than a two-minute walk down the hill. Manor has a really great grain bread that J introduced me to. And a wonderful crunchy muselix cereal with bits of fruit (can't get anything quite like it in France). You can get around by bus to anywhere in the city. And the chocolate is, well, it's Swiss - what else is there to say? 

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