Sunday, July 6, 2014


Late on Saturday evening, as it was an outdoor performance and there is still daylight as late as 9:45pm, we enjoyed a performance of Cirque du Soleil's "Scalada: Mater Natura." If you know Cirque, they are heavy into acrobatics, so the "story" is a bit peripheral and basically sets up the costuming.

In this one, a pair of thoughtless hikers yanks a large flower out of the ground, and are then sucked into the centre of the earth, where they witness a series of incredible performances.

Among our favorites:
* The woman on the springboard-like piece of wood, flexed by two very strong young men, who help propel her high in the air for a series of flips and spins.
* A  woman in a large hoop, large enough for her to fit into, who spun around within it at a sometimes furious pace to the point we wondered how she could not be falling-down dizzy.
* A man on a large cylinder attached to a long arm, which was used to spin the cylinder in circles while he ran on the inside and outside of the cylinder, including at one point jump-roping while on the move and another time blind-folded.
* A pair of women on a trapeze with some incredible moves.
* The hikers hoisted high above stage on ropes, almost dancing in the air, and with the man at times supported only by the strength of one of the female hiker's arms.
As amazing was the price. We paid only 15 Euros each for reserved seats. And there was a large free section for those who wanted to stand.
We arrived early enough to get into a parking garage so as to avoid the exit traffic of the 5,000 people in attendance. We used the pre-Cirque time to have a leisurely glass of champagne to toast a wonderful weekend.

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