Sunday, July 6, 2014


Whenever we travel, Donna-Lane packs very light. One small teddy-bear suitcase and a pocketbook/purse. That holds all the clothes she thinks are necessary, toiletries, a book or two, and room to spare.

I have never mastered the art of light. One reason I probably needed the massage in Andorra ( is because I'm usually lugging a couple of suitcases and a briefcase (or two) through the airport.

I'm worse when we have the car. The trunk seems to fill up no matter where we're headed, and it spills over into the back seat.

As it was, I kinda wish I'd packed a sweater for Honeymoon, Part I, in Andorra. And a pair of long sweatpants to wear to bed, cuz the nights were a bit chilly. Well, part of the nights ...

One thing neither of us packed was a computer. Almost completely off grid, though we could get emergency email and internet via WiFi on the smartphone, if it were really necessary.

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