Sunday, July 6, 2014

First Massage

The futuristic design Caldea Spa in the heart of Andorra
Aside from a 5-minute chair massage, fully clothed, in the hallway of an aviation conference a few years back, I've never had a massage. Aside from physio-therapy after her cancer, Donna-Lane hadn't ever experienced a professional massage.

But when in Andorra ... one of the feature attractions is Caldea, said to be Europe's largest health spa. So I booked three hours at the facility, including 20-minute massages for each of us.

Had no idea what to expect. Would we be in the same room, on side-by-side tables, or in separate rooms? Would we have a male masseur or female masseuse? Would we be semi-clothed or nekked?
Don't get excited; this is not me - but it is representative
Suffice to say, the experience was wonderful. Came out feeling not only very relaxed, but learned some techniques D-L and I can use on each other to soothe any aching muscles or tension from too many hours at the computer. My masseur, Pepe, described the connection between the mind and the muscles, and I intend to do some research to understand better.

After the massages, we returned to the huge indoor pool, hot tubs, and a variety of other wet and dry sensations. My favorite was the Roman baths (the 36-degree Centigrade one, not the 14-degree C) and the infrared lamp loungers, where our view through the windows was the surrounding mountains, blue sky and clouds. We passed on the Scandinavian ice baths.

I managed the weekend's one klutzy move, inadvertently stepping into the decorative pool opposite the downstairs reception (I was videotaping the beautiful lobby and stairs, not watching where I was going.) D-L probably posted something about drying my sneaker on her blog:

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  1. Wow! Your first massage seems very comforting. I think it also helped that the place is amazing. That's a really nice experience for you, and you definitely deserve it. I just hope you get to enjoy more days like that. Thanks for sharing that, Rick! All the best to you!

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community ACU