Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Funny-looking train

Had not expected to finish our 10-hour train trip from Argeles-sur-mer to Geneva on a bus winding its way around treacherous one-and-a-half-lane mountain roads in the rain.

Apparently the track between Bellegarde, France, and Geneva is being repaired, so for six weeks in the middle of summer travel season, anyone training in and out of Switzerland has to spend the last, or first, hour on a motorcoach. Did not realize that when we bought the tickets a few weeks ago.

Rather than think about the steep dropoffs down the side of the mountains, we read a copy of the Swiss "20 Minutes" newspaper that someone had left on the bus earlier in the day.

For our late afternoon train connection from Lyon, there were six busses waiting at the gare in Bellegarde to which hundreds of people queued up, loaded their luggage under the bus, and found the first available seats.

At the France-Switzerland border near Geneva airport, for some unexplained reason, our bus was asked to pull over to the side (while the other busses whizzed past). From what I could see but not hear of the conversation between the young driver and customs officials, the delay had to do with pink papers and blue papers.

Prior to boarding on the train in Lyon, I thought I'd lost D-L in the station. As we were looking at the monitors to learn which track our train would depart from, she disappeared, telling me, "Stay here til I get back." She may explain why in her blog: http://theexpatwriter.blogspot.ch/.

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