Sunday, July 6, 2014

Honeymoon, Part I

Over the weekend, we went on our delayed honeymoon, Part 1. (Yes, it was cool enough in July to warrant jackets, sweaters, scarves!)

Delayed because we've both been writing and traveling pretty much constantly since our ceremony last August.

Part 1 because we intend there will be four phases to our honeymoon - the four independent principalities of Europe: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and Leichtenstein. Originally, we planned to do all four in one grand tour, but that became difficult to schedule. So we decided to do one audacious nation at a time.

First honeymoon trip: Andorra, the closest to Argeles-sur-mer, about a 4-6 hour drive, depending on how often we stop to see things, take photos, have a leisurely lunch.

The short synopsis (you can fill in your own details, or read our separate blogs - D-L's is at we stayed at a cozy little B&B in the mountains, a one-blink village named Arans which maybe has 30-50 permanent residents (counting the chickens); we went to the futuristic-design Caldea, Europe's largest spa, and each had our first massages ever; on Saturday evening, we took in the Cirque de Soleil production, Mater Natura; before driving home on Sunday (via a sliver of Spain), we went hiking on one of the numerous trails in the mountains.

We are writing our blogs separately without reading each other's until all are posted. You can decide whether Donna-Lane and I were on the same journey.

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