Sunday, July 6, 2014

Honeymoon Sweet

One of the views from our apartment in Arans     
We liked the place we stayed in Andorra so much, we plan to go back next year, probably for a couple of weeks, and spend (most) of the time writing.

Rather than stay in a sterile hotel, either downtown or at a semi-deserted ski resort, we opted to go deep into the mountains. Relative isolation, even if it meant a little extra driving to get into the main city where the spa and Cirque theatre were located.
Notice on the map the zigzaggy road. That's what we took from the main route into Andorra to get to Ordino and eventually Arans where we were staying. The road zigs and zags because it first winds its way almost straight up the mountain and then straight down on the other side. (I'm wondering when Google will come out with 3D maps so you can see elevation changes.)

The views were spectacular, too beautiful to describe and a photo would not do justice (though there was almost nowhere to pull over and take a photo on the narrow road).

Our host, Pere, did explain to us that there was a much flatter, relatively short route from Ordino into the main city of Andorra La Vella, which was a great relief since we didn't have to take the mountain route late at night after the Cirque performance.

Our destination was an apartment in Arans, which had once been the original first farmhouse of the 'village,' now grown to at least 20-25 buildings, including two restaurants. The price was excellent, as summer is off season (most people who visit Andorra do so in winter for the superb skiing).

There was even a local 'alarm clock,' though the rooster - who had a brood of several hens - tended to sound off in the early evening rather than early morning (guess he's more of a night person, like me).

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