Friday, July 25, 2014

Le médecin vous verrez maintenant

Love the French (and Swiss) healthcare systems. Efficient, effective, inexpensive.

The Swiss system has been wonderful for Donna-Lane through her breast cancer three years ago and her face surgery a year ago yesterday. You can read her blog about her breast cancer experience here:

Today I needed some prescription refills for some meds that are running low on supply.

Although I am not (yet) on the French national healthcare system, the doctor welcomed me into his office anyway, checked my vitals, and wrote out the prescriptions. We spoke mostly in French, though some of the doctors (médecins) speak English as well.

At the pharmacy, where I was lucky enough to be third in line when they opened, they provided the full three-months' supply to keep my head clear and my heart pumping.

Altogether, the total cost - doctor and meds - was less than 90 Euros. One of the three prescriptions alone would have cost me at least $200 in the US. (And if I were on the French system, I would be reimbursed for about 70% of the cost.)

In Switzerland, basic healthcare insurance is mandated but purchased privately at relatively modest cost.

Both France and Switzerland consistently rank in the top 5 or 10 healthcare systems worldwide.

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