Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Boys (and Girls) of Summer

What is it about summer months that motivate men (and women) to revolution against an oppressive government?

Monday is Bastille Day, celebrating the overthrow by the people of the French monarchy.

Last week was American Independence Day.

On August 1st, the Swiss celebrate their National Day.

The photo in the centre depicts Arnold Winkelried, legendary Swiss hero, throwing himself into the ranks of Hapsburg 'pikemen,' taking down several of the wooden spears with his body and creating a breach through which his fellow Swiss could break through in the Battle of Sempach in the 14th century.

Such was the spirit of the American revolutionaries and the French, a willingness to stand up - and die if necessary - for a just cause.

I wonder if the revolutionary spirit still lives in the Divided States of America? Or are we simply willing to let freedom after freedom be chipped away by modern oppressors, every bit as obscenely wealthy as the monarchs of feudal/slave societies (but who are somewhat more discreet about flaunting their riches, lest the non-wealthy rise up)?

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