Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Support Your Local Businesses

Whenever possible, D-L and I buy what we need from local Argeles-sur-mer businesses.

It just makes sense. We want them to stay in business and keep the village vibrant. If we and others don't support the local merchants, centreville will become a ghost town as far as goods and services, and we'll have to get in the car to drive to the edge of town to the new 'big box' stores for groceries, household supplies, etc.

It makes economic sense too, not just for our personal convenience. Multiple studies in the US and elsewhere have shown that independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar/euro/pound of sales than chain competitors.

Yes, the items we buy are sometimes higher priced than we could get at the chains. But I'd rather support the local green grocer, the local butcher, the local notions store, the local computer ink guy, the local jeweler, the local restaurants ...

Some merchants tell us that the politicians who currently run the village do little to support centreville, that they are more interested in the big-money developers and exploiting the open spaces. If that trend continues, ASM could lose a key element of its quaint charm - the people - and become just another cookie-cutter suburb.

The pols have done some wonderful things in recent years with the beach and the port. It'd be nice if they also have the foresight to preserve and grow the historic soul of Argeles-sur-mer as well.

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