Saturday, August 30, 2014

Things Are Still Hopping in the Warren

It's been awhile since we've written about our furry friends - Hunny Bunny, Herr Hare, Petite Cougar, and of course Scooby Two.

They're still hopping around the Warren, getting into mischief from time to time, especially with the red blanket that we use mostly for decoration on the bed. (Sometimes we find the bunnies in, shall we say, compromising positions.) They haven't been out much recently, but Scoob is plotting ways he can accompany us on our next wave of travels (and his mother, Petite Cougar, is as determined he will stay put with her).

Sure, we get odd looks when people realize a couple of geriatrics still play with a menagerie of stuffed animals. But then we met the white tiger!
On our recent trip to the medieval city of Carcassone with our Swedish friends, R and E, they pulled out their own plush companion, a floppy white tiger.

Nice to know there are other older folks who have not lost the playfulness of youth.

Scooby Two scolded us, "See, I told you that you should have taken me with you to Carcassone! The tiger and I could be great friends."
Scooby Two's most recent outing to the Jet D'eau in Geneva

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