Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 Lessons Learned

Based on our extended trip to Quebec and New England, a few things I'll try to remember for the future:

1. Read things thoroughly and with comprehension - directions for meeting up with someone, the details of the bed-n-breakfast you're thinking of booking, etc. Had I read more carefully, never would have booked a loft room with no privacy in an owner-occupied B&B. It turned out okay, lovely people, but not our preference.

2. When crossing the US border, Customs gets confused when a male and female are driving in from Canada with American and Swiss passports and two different last names. (At least they didn't rip the stuffed animals open looking for drugs.)

3. I will never, ever, ever, ever live in an area where rush hour traffic moves at a crawl. (Drove through NJ, NYC, and Boston.) Feeling very homesick for Argeles-sur-mer, where we can walk to everything. 

4. If there's a grocery store in downtown Montreal near St Laurent and St Antoine, I haven't found it yet, despite directions from three different people. Before rolling into a city, especially later at night, best to stop on the road where you see can stock up.

5. Before starting the trip, print out Google maps with sufficient detail for the places you are going. The TomTom download didn't work, and discovered that gas stations don't always carry paper maps anymore. I did download some Google maps to the iPad for reference, but at times we were outside the perimeter of the map, befuddled as to how to navigate into the perimeter so we'd know where we are.

6.  When Donna-Lane says she knows which direction to take in an area where she used to live, she's usually right (but not always).

7. When I say I know which direction to take, I'm usually right (but not always).

8. Take the 1-inch plug for the wireless mouse out of the USB port while transporting the laptop. Otherwise, you'll be buying a new wireless mouse when the plug breaks off.

9. Build in a day of doing not much every few days. Non-stop travel, meetings, socializing, and sightseeing can wear you out without an occasional break.

10. Try to pack things in the same general place in your suitcase. Beats searching through everything to find that one little electrical converter plug you need to charge your phone.

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