Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mixed Bag

"Mixed bag" is one of those odd phrases that everyone seems to know what it means but when you think about it literally, what kind of "mix" is in what kind of "bag"?

The French would use the word mélange for mixture.

It's been one of those days. A few things accomplished. Some things I intended to accomplish not quite done yet. Some positive surprises. And a whole lot of frustration.

The frustration is mostly technical. Dropbox cloud storage, for which I paid for an upgrade to Pro a few days ago and showed 2 TB in my account, now seems to have forgotten about the upgrade, dropped me back to a mere 2.5 GB, and is warning me my storage space is full. I've also been futzing with various websites, trying to secure some accommodations for upcoming travel, bumping up against sold out properties or b&b's with ridiculous security deposits ... even "shared bathroom" situations, which I much prefer to avoid.
Got all excited when I learned I could download my grandson's new TV movie - Deliverance Creek - on iTunes ... after it airs on Lifetime on Sat Sep 13. I downloaded the trailer and ordered all episodes of the "series" - but couldn't get it to play on my computer. Assumed it was a "can't view a US TV show on a computer with a French IP address thing. (However, after re-booting the computer, I could see the trailer after all! That means, when the movie comes out A WEEK FROM SATURDAY, we should be able to watch the entire TV movie, either when we're in Paris or Geneva. Whooo hoooo!!!)

One pleasant surprise was United Airlines offering bonus miles for purchasing reward miles, which I've been needing to do to reach an award level. They've taken my money and given me credit for the miles I purchased, but not yet the bonus - which has to wait until they see how many other people take them up on the offer. If it works as advertised, I'll be slightly over what I need and saved about $120 in the process.

Good thing D-L is not here, as the Warren looks like a War-zone. I decided to pull everything out of the closets and cupboards, partly to get packed for the travel, partly to see what's available to eat. The interim is not pretty for anyone who prefers order ... oh, it's orderly, but it's orderly in piles here, there ... if I ever get to bed tonight, I'll have to clear a space to lie down first.

Oh, and I found a misplaced hard drive that I thought I lost two months ago.

Mixed bag indeed.

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