Monday, September 8, 2014

My Mistress

The most prominent mountain peak in the Pyrenees range in French Catalonia is Canigou

It's not the highest mountain in France (just over 9,000 feet, compared to nearly 16,000 feet for Mont Blanc, inthe French Alps south of Geneva), but Canigou is certainly the most prominent in this part of the south of France. When the skies are not overly hazy, you can see it from just about everywhere.

I especially love the view of Canigou in the spring when there's still snow on the summit - which often lasts into June or even early July. I also like the view from the golf course in Saint-Cyprien, the view up the river on the highway from Perpignan, the view on the way to the airport when the road curves and the mountain rises right in front of you ... you get the idea. Next summer, my friend R and I plan to hike to the top of the summit.

Donna-Lane jokes that I am so in love with Canigou that the mountain is my mistress. Well, not quite, since Le Canigou is male gender in French.

As we have been developing our patio and choosing different types of pots and plants, we had a large space on one wall that would be perfect for a picture. So we commissioned Rosella to create an artistic rendering of Canigou with some cerise (cherry) trees in the foreground, based on a photo. The artwork is on six different ceramic tiles, and then all six are mounted by her husband Joseph to another single piece of ceramic so it could be bolted to the stone wall of the patio.

We can see the artwork from the dining area, the den, my desk, and the master bedroom. Our neighbor and landlord, C, and her visitors can also see it from her patio on the level above.

It's just the right piece to complete the view in our little semi-outdoor oasis.

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