Saturday, September 13, 2014

She Said Yes ... Again

My original plan was to propose to Donna-Lane ... a year and a half ago ... at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

This week we finally got there. Well, almost.

We didn't quite make it to the top of the tower. Turns out, D-L is afraid of heights. As we arrived near the base of the tower, courtesy of a pedi-cab bicycle, she suggested (hopefully) that the queue to go up in the tower elevator might be too long. It was, so I considered my first alternate - a photo from the Trocadero across the way, ET in the background, fountains in the foreground. But when I looked, the fountains did not seem to be operating.

So, time to improvise. I remembered from a previous visit, about 17 years ago, that there was a long grassy lawn on the south side of the tower. Bit of a hike, and as we headed in that direction, the grass was surrounded by a makeshift fence - ground under repair, apparently.

As I glanced back at the tower to gauge the perspective, there was an area of grass and trees to the side. Probably couldn't get the entire tower in a photo, but could get enough of the base to know what it was.

So I set up the video camera on the ground, pulled Herr Hare and Hunny Bunny from my bag -- after all, we needed "witnesses" -- and retrieved the ring box from my pocket.

D-L's perspective on the proposal is on her blog:

I was originally going to propose on Valentine's Day 2013 when we were in Paris, but we never got to the Eiffel Tower that trip. The weather was too cold and rainy.

Besides, I had already proposed in Argeles-sur-mer ... just before Christmas 2012. Wanting to purchase the engagement ring from a local jeweler, and concerned that if I waited until February they might not have the ring we wanted, we had gone to the bijouterie and picked out D-L's desired ring. I proposed in her Nest ... maybe not the Eiffel Tower, but every bit as memorable.

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