Friday, September 5, 2014

What Beach?

Argeles Plage
Hard to believe, but I have not been to the best beach in the world all summer ... or all spring, for that matter. I think the last time I had my toes in the sand was at the 'polar bear' plunge on the 1st of January. (video link for YouTube).

We talked about going to the beach from time to time, and our friends visiting from the UK and elsewhere seemed to go regularly. But we were generally too caught up in work or socializing, or when we weren't the weather wasn't quite great (relatively cool most of the time we were here in August), or we were traveling up to Switzerland.

However, Donna-Lane, who does not swim, did one-up me by taking a swim lesson from our friend M in a mild stretch of water at Saint-Cyprien. D-L said she was terrified, but to her credit she still went through with it.

We did get down to the beach area and the port together, of course, for some fine dining, and the climax of the Argilarium metal dragon event.

I would love to go down to the beach the next couple days (maybe Tuesday) because September is, IMHO, the best month to be here -- the Med water is still warmish, and most of the 100,000 tourists have gone home. Wednesday we hit the road for a series of trips and won't be back in ASM until November.

Now, I've never been much of a beach person. Never lived near the ocean before last year. Though we did have a nice little sand beach around the pool where I lived for awhile in Texas.

But here's one that my long-time friends will find hard to believe. I did not play golf all summer either. Going to have to fix that when I get back.

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