Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Herr Brusque

He's the hotel concierge, so you would expect cheerful and helpful. He was definitely not the former and only marginally the latter.

I got more relevant information from the young man trainee at the reception desk, and with a smile.

If someone had asked me the question, I would have grabbed a map of the city, explained the directions to the landmark, and written them out for the traveller in a strange city. HB did at least pull a map (only because the one I first showed him did not cover a large enough area) and he rattled off some quick directions, easily forgettable with names in a foreign language.

The trainee explained which number metro to take to connect with another metro to get me right to my destination. He circled each connection location on the map.

HB's manner, by contrast, was I'd-rather-not-be-bothered curt.

And he didn't even know the composter machines (ticket validators) were red, not yellow as in France.

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