Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Things We Left Behind for You

The recent passing of a friend, coupled with our frequent travels, got me to wondering about the possible reaction of family and friends in the event Donna-Lane and I both died at the same time, say if the Ryanair flight we are on to Dublin as I write this were to go down in the English Channel.

I'm not talking about the sorrow. I'm musing more about the sometimes bedeviling details of "wrapping up" someone's affairs after they are gone. Not to mention the occasional amusement or puzzlement of the items left behind.

Certainly we should have some sort of legal or at least expressed will about what funds, if any, and other items of value should be bequeathed to which family members and friends. (Once the mortician is paid, of course, which in France is one of the first considerations. No payment, no burial or cremation. A small burial insurance policy is not a bad idea, I'm told.)

But what would be your reaction when you go to clean out our bathroom and come across the Scooby Doo toothpaste?

Or when you find the water pistols, one of which I hid (not telling) and one of which D-L has hidden (I need to search for that when she's not around so I can "disarm" her.)

Or the small stuffed animals on the beds? Their names are Petite Cougar (if you know our ages, you'll figure it out), Hunny Bunny (the one with the pink ribbon - more symbolism), and Herr Hare (our fluffy friends even have distinct nationalities). By the way, Scooby Two is with us on the plane, in my backpack, so he'll be at the bottom of the sea, weighed down by the laptop, power cords, and sack of coins.

What of that framed piece of paper covered with colorful stickers of assorted shapes and images? Or the several other unframed sticker pages?

D-L's Christmas gifts for me are in the cabinet in her office / snore room. (No, I have not peeked.) My gifts for her are hiding in plain sight, wrapped, on a shelf behind by desk chair.

On one book shelf, there are assorted keys, some labeled, some waiting to be labeled. Hint: they all work in doors (or mailboxes) either in the two places we live or the places of friends in the village. Maybe you could make a scavenger hunt game out of figuring them out.

You'll get to see what medications we were taking from the supplies we left behind (though there are some prescriptions I filled and never used).

Our landlady will have to identify which artwork (and furniture and dishes) belong to her, and the remainder would therefore be ours. My photo favorite is the reflection of our shadows in the water in the sometimes-river which runs through the village when we get a good rain; Donna-Lake took it, and it's amazing. The queen mattress is barely broken in (he he he), only a few months old, and we haven't been in Argeles all that much.

Other than personal mementos, most of the rest could be useful to almost anyone: books, movie DVDs, music CDs (pretty much replaced by iTunes on the computer, except when we're on longer car trips). Oh yeah, the Peugot - one of our friends has the key and knows its location; it runs pretty good for 15 years old.

Help yourself to the wine closet; most of the bottles were gifts from visiting friends. Please find a good home for my golf clubs; they've been little used lately, too, but I love them just the same.

We don't have a dog (yet), so it's not necessary to find a good home for her. But that may happen in the new year.

That about covers it. Simple lifestyle. We like it that way. Easy to wrap up ... even if I didn't put everything in order before I left. (There's always next time.)

Well, we're long past the English Channel now, so I guess if the plane is going to do down it will have to be in the Irish Sea. D-L is reading, which is appropriate, and I am writing on the computer, also appropriate.

Last night in Barcelona .................................

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