Sunday, December 14, 2014


A decoration in a pub window
Not everything is wonderful every minute of every day, even though that's how things seem from most people's posts on Facebook.

I love Donna-Lane's phrase: "under-wonderful." It conveys disappointment without being nasty.

However, even when something does not fully meet expectations, it's possible to make the best of it and have a positive experience.

We drove down to Galway a couple days ago - destination: Christmas market, which a stranger in the Westport tea shop had heartily encouraged. The weather was highly cooperative, one of the few days recently with more sunshine than rain. Had a bit of difficulty navigating the twisting streets of inner city Galway, but managed to stumble on Eyre Square where the market was being staged and even found (D-L spotted) a parking spot on a nearby street.

The market was mostly food, a few crafts and winter hats/scarves, some stalls even peddling commercially packaged dolls, etc. The most interesting item had nothing to do with the holiday - the door to a former mansion from one of the town's founders (except the 2012 mayor's name was every bit as prominent on the plaque).
We saw another person taking stuffed animal "selfies"!

So we drifted down to the pedestrian shopping streets, where things improved: a couple of children's choirs, singing for charitable handouts, a donkey with two acrobatic dogs on his back, and plenty of guys holding advertising signs, one or two dressed in sorry-looking Santa costumes. (See D-L's blog for more -

The pub grub was excellent, and I ordered a Hooker (a local craft beer), which Donna-Lane and I shared.
 On the drive to and fro, we saw plenty of sheep, which I'm sure outnumber people in these parts. Most of the sheep are "branded" with what looks like spray paint. We saw French sheep (red and blue on white), Swedish sheep (blue and yellow), and plenty of wet, dirty sheep who blithely munched grass as they got drenched. (Reminded me of voters in the US and UK who allow under-wonderful politicians and corporations to run things.)
View of Croagh Patrick from neigbour's driveway entrance
And yes, we saw another rainbow - we've seen one almost every day for the past week.

The next morning, there was even more snow on Croagh Patrick. What a mostly wonderful place to be staying for the month.

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