Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We Found 'Wilson'!

Remember the Tom Hanks modern Robinson Crusoe movie, "Cast Away"? And his pet / companion volleyball, "Wilson"?

Hanks played a FedEx pilot who crashed in the South Pacific, and survived on the packages that washed ashore with him.

This morning, we discovered "Wilson" (or perhaps his cousin, O'Wilson), washed ashore on the west coast of Ireland. A long, long way from the South Pacific.

O'Wilson almost got away because the tide was starting to recede and when he was sitting on a vast expanse of smooth sand we didn't anticipate one of the huge breakwaters would reach out and sweep him back to sea. Fortunately, the next wave tossed O'Wilson into some rocks, and Donna-Lane was able to retrieve him.

Rooby took a liking to the ball, so we brought him home (the ball ... Rooby's a her).

D-L is also doing a dueling blog at: 

Film at 6.

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