Saturday, February 7, 2015

Suddenly a shot rang out. A woman screamed.

I am approaching the coming next weekend with nervous anticipation.

Nothing life-threatening to be sure. Maybe potentially ego-bruising.

I'm going to discuss with someone who does not know me, an honest-to-gosh literary agent, whether the few pages I've written of my hopefully first novel show any merit for continuing the effort.

I'm inspired by D-L's writing ability and persistence in publishing 10 novels to date:

I may never get a legitimate publisher to issue my book, but I'd at least like the satisfaction of finishing it.

About 30 years ago, I wrote about 20% of another attempt at a novel (on an Apple IIe with a dot-matrix printer), but abandoned it when a move to Texas took me out of the Northeast US area where I wanted to do some first-hand research for authenticity (pre-internet and inter-library lending was a best cumbersome). I also had the notion at the time that I hadn't seen much, hadn't experienced much, so how could I pretend to be a worldly wise writer?

What amazed me during that first attempt was those times when the story seemed to be writing itself. I was simply the scribe, furiously attempting to keep up with the scenario flowing scenario through my brain.

Donna-Lane says what I've written thus far is pretty good, and I believe her, but she's also inherently prejudiced. I have been collecting a ton of research on my topic, and our rather frequent travels have taken us to numerous locales which may factor in the book.

If the agent offers a smidgen of encouragement, I'll find schedule when I can to spend more time writing the novel. The outside goal is to finish it when we go on a writing retreat in Andorra in June.

If the agent instead gags or laughs at my premise or style ... I won't give up the quest; it may just change positions on the priority list.

Oh, and I may also end up reading a portion of the manuscript aloud to about 50 of the very knowledgeable members of the Geneva Writer's Group. That's not intimidating at all! 

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