Friday, February 27, 2015

Underwonderful Days in Paradise

Not every day in our paradise is perfect. The past couple have been anything but.

For another perspective on what I'm about the describe, check out D-L's blog:

We had arrived back in Argeles-sur-mer the night before, having driven straight through from Geneva, about an 8-hour trip. Normally I prefer to stop midway, give the arthritis in my hands a break from the steering wheel, maybe see some interesting sights, find a quaint new hotel. (On the trip up to Geneva, we detoured to Monaco for one of our mini-honeymoons.)

So Wednesday morning, I was feeling like I'd gained a day, or at least half a day, to get some things done.

Thursday was going to be a full work day, mostly research and writing, maybe with a brief trip out for lunch at the excellent new restaurant we discovered near the bank.

But it's those little things, ya know? The ones that turn into bigger things.

I'd noticed the water in the toilet bowl didn't seem to be draining real well. Mildly concerned, but some liquid plumbing gel should take care of it. Donna-Lane's instinct is to call the plumber, which I agreed to do if my cheap DIY approach failed.

Then I noticed the water in the shower drain was also slightly backed up. Not a good sign. Need more gel. Always worked before. But two non-draining appliances in proximity suggested a more major issue somewhere in their common pipeline.

You're starting to get the picture. Before things were done there was (not exactly clean) water all over the bathroom floor, flowing into the hallway and foyer, and the village sanitation guy was hosing down the street where the exterior sewer drain had burbled over.

His truck pulled away just before the ambulance showed up. A friend had become suddenly ill, and a trip to the hospital was the prudent measure.

The good news is the friend is back home resting now. 

The floor is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Lunch at Le Regal, a day delayed, was delicious (try the carmelized sesame poulet - the Thai-like sauce is plate-licking good). Got my flight for next month booked on the iPad after several failed attempts on the laptop. Fixed the phone (the classic unplug-replug method). A key document related to a planned milestone event has been located. Had some fun with stickers. And bought a new mop.

I didn't really mind that it rained off and on both days. Actually like to listen to the rain on the skylight in the dining room as we lay in bed, the electric undersheet warming our buns, checking email, Facebook, and Twitter before we officially start the day.

We don't often have entire days with nothing planned. Seems lately when we do, something very unplanned intrudes on that time we thought was available for getting a bunch of lingering projects done. Perhaps it would be best if we schedule something every day - just so unexpected events don't have any available room on the calendar?

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