Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reward for Getting Up Early

I am not a morning person, but I do appreciate a great sunrise. The two are generally mutually incompatible.

In the past week, Donna-Lane and I have witnessed two spectacular sunrises in the south of France. The first was on the way back from driving friends to the Girona, Spain aeropuerto for an early morning flight, Back in France, as we exited the autoroute and with the snow-capped Canigou in our rearview mirror, we were treated to a blend of blue, yellow, pink, and white fluff over the plane trees guarding the road which parallels the Massif des Alberes range. It was the type of setting where we looked for a safe place to pull over so we could snap some photos, and of course by the time we stopped the scene had changed some more .. for the better.

Friday morning, as we were awaiting a 6:58 train to Nice, D-L noticed a sliver of pink peeking through the trees at the gare. As we waited for the TER, the sliver widened. Then, once aboard the train, the streaky clouds over the Med had evolved into a palette of orange and red. I filmed the skies over the coast as we entered and exited Elne, and then I turned off the camera and just enjoyed the view with Donna-Lane wrapped in my arms.

D-L has also blogged about the morning:

One other memorable sunrise, which we may try to duplicate when we return to Argeles-sur-mer, was the morning a couple years ago when we awoke about 3:30 am and decided on an impromptu trip to the beach. We were the only ones there for about an hour, and the light sequenced from purples, blues, and dark grays to pink, orange, and yellow as gentle waves lapped the sand.

Here are links to the blogs D-L and I posted at the time, as well as some photos on Facebook:




I still cannot get over the beauty of the place where we live. Sea, mountains, rivers, centuries-old churches and castles, quaint villages, down-to-earth people. It's a bit surprising that the area is not built up with expensive resorts and high-rise beach hotels. But that would kind of spoil our view of the sunrises, wouldn't it?

Here is some of the video we filmed through the train windows:

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