Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Taxes: Uphill Battle

Today was TAX DAY in the US. I knew weeks ago I wouldn't be able to complete my return on time, so planned to file an extension.

Try doing that from overseas sometime!

To file an extension, you must also estimate how much, if any, tax you owe. So you basically have to do your entire taxes to figure out a reasonably accurate estimate. If you estimate too low, you could end up owing interest and penalties when you do get around to filing them.

Since the extension (and the check for estimated taxes) must be postmarked by April 15th, that meant trudging up a very steep, mile-long hill to the little convenience store / cafe / post office in Corsier Village, Switzerland. I'm not in the best of shape, and I wasn't sure how long la poste was open, so I was pushing it up the hill to arrive by 4:30 and hoping they weren't already closed.

Wheeze-wheeze-wheeze ... they were still open. And the proprietor was extremely helpful, even adding a tracking number so I could trace the mailed form as it floats across the ocean into the bosom of the friendly and lovable IRS.

I rewarded myself with some ice cream, and stopped along the route home to photograph a few flowers and other interesting sights along the way.

You can see them on my FB page:

Gotta admit, the walk down the hill was waaaaaaaaay easier than the walk up.

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