Saturday, May 16, 2015

Potty Training

Petite Ange: Scooby, did you do-do that?

Scooby Two: Not me, not my brand. Did you do-do it?

Petite Ange: Are you serious! That pile's bigger than I am. Where do you think I'd put it?

Scooby Two: Must be one of the neighbor mutts.

Petite Ange: They don't have mutts in this neighborhood. Only purebreeds. I'm surprised they even let us walk around the streets here.

Scooby Two: Well, I can tell you one thing ... it does stink!
Scooby Two: Their human's supposed to scoop the poop, put it in one of the sacks up there, and deposit it in this can. Guess that shows who's the master and who's the pooper-scooper!

Petite Ange: I heard that some towns are starting to identify dog droppings by their DNA.

Scooby Two: What's DNA?

Petite Ange: Dunno. Maybe it stands for Dog's Nasty Arse.
Scooby Two: If you were a boy like me, and you had to pee, all you have to do is lift your leg and whizz on the fire hydrant. Or anywhere.

Petite Ange: If I were like you, I'd probably hang myself with that chain.

Scooby Two: Moooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!

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