Friday, May 22, 2015

Who knew ice cream could be so entertaining?

Check out this video:

The young man in the video is with Chaobenji, which is apparently an Asian approach to making ice cream:

He also told us he is quite a good golfer. (He recognized the Masters logo on my sweater, and he was familiar with the Saint-Cyprien golf course where I sometimes practice.)

Here's D-L's blog on the topic: 

To break up the 6-7 hour drive from Geneva to Argeles-sur-mer, we decided to stop somewhere, both to stretch our legs but also to see something interesting. We decided on Avignon, where the Popes once had their headquarters, but I missed the exit on the autoroute so we continued on to Nimes.
Nimes is often referred to as the French Rome. Their centerpiece attraction is an incredible coliseum, built around the time of Christ, so more than 20 centuries old. It looks to be in better shape than the one in Rome, and they are carefully restoring it centimeter by centimeter. Meantime, it continues to be used for bullfights, concerts, and other entertainment.

After purchasing a souvenir magnet for our frigo, perusing some of the marche stalls in the large public square fronting the arena, and being denied a ride on the kids-only carousel, we started circling the coliseum. I suggested we consider some tea and dessert; Donna-Lane recommended ice cream - she had spotted a glacier stand.

As you can see in the video, the young man - whose original early-age language was English - blended fresh strawberries and mangos with vanilla cream for D-L, which he prepared on a freezing disc. For me, strawberries with bananas and Oreo cookie.

We sat on the retaining wall facing the coliseum, warmed by the sun but braced against the strong winds, enjoying a very healthy cold treat.

I hope the young ice cream maker pursues his dream of competitive golf.

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