Monday, August 3, 2015

Why is There Still Royalty?

Which one is the true royal?

I read recently that the new King of The Netherlands gave a speech (written for him) that the Dutch people should take responsibility for themselves. No more "entitlement" society, he chided them. Slackers.

That's absolutely laughable. So-called "royal" families are the most "entitled" people on the planet, living entirely off the taxes of the common people (and getting personally rich in the process). King Wilhelm is paid over a million euros a year to do nothing of value to society, and the upkeep on his castles etc. runs over a hundred million. The tab is considerably more than that for Queen Elisabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Kate, etc.

The very concept that certain people are accorded status and privilege, originally bestowed "by divine right" and then handed down through bloodlines, is an anomalous carryover from the times of barbarian mongols. Their divine right was the sword and bludgeon they wielded to subdue their enemies and the people.

Consider the "House of Lords" in the UK. A minority of people hold power they did not derive from any vote of the majority; they are not accountable; and they get paid extreme amounts of public money. The Lords is now almost wholly a monied new aristocracy - businessmen or politicians, crass patronage (not unlike US ambassadorships granted to wealthy donors).

One argument is the royals bring in tourist dollars. Thanks, but I don't need to see a parade with a gilt carriage so I can get a glimpse of the Queen's latest pillbox hat. Better that Britain spend the money on a decent sand beach.

I've heard that there's still a law on the books that labels it treason (with life imprisonment) to call for the abolition of the monarchy. Not sure that applies to UK residents only or if former "colonists" are covered as well. Perhaps I'd best stay out of England for awhile.

Then again, I could just show the Bobbies my own proof of royalty -- after all, I am a Baron of Sealand ... a title I purchased for about 50 quid. (Wonder how much it would cost me to get into the House of Lords?)

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