Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dear NSA

I have to assume that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has me on one of their watch lists, probably has had for some time. After all, I have been consorting for about three years now with a former American who renounced her citizenship and occasionally posts tweaky-cheeky "Dear NSA" blogs; no doubt they started monitoring our emails when I was still in Texas and she in France and Switzerland - at the time, the NSA was already tracking any electronic communication between US-based persons and anyone outside the States. Now, of course, I am also in Switzerland, once the bastion of secrecy (no longer), so what clandestine activity might they suppose I / we are up to?

Recently, as I am a freelance journalist (specializing in aviation-related subjects), I have been conducting extensive internet searches on topics at the top of the NSA's radar: Iran, Cuba, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, China, hacking and cyber attacks, aircraft tracking, passports, wildfires, drones, military training, and, from time to time, golf. (Golf, without question, is a code word.) It seems that aviation tends to be in the middle of world economic and political activity, and of course is a prime target for terrorists. (I also get to have some fascinating conversations with world aviation leaders.)

And I tend to look up internet sources with other cryptic code words: most recently breast cancer, migrants, FATCA (a lot of FATCA).

Oh, and there's those cute dog / cat videos - with their embedded secret messages.

Just a minute ... I think I hear a knock on the door ... 

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  1. Heck, I read your post and I am just as important than the NSA! I am the GDH :) Anyways, maybe they will have D.L's books in the museum one day! They have letters from John Nash..... Maybe if I ever write a book they can put mine in the gift shop. Hey NSA, if you are reading this blog post. I think we housewives have lots of potential and I am one of them! Oh go buy D. L. Nelson's books NSA.